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Dunlop Tyres

The journey from manufacturing small-scale bicycle tyres to be the sole supplier of high-performance racing tyres for British Championships has been an exciting one for Dunlop. Probably the most widely used racing tyres for European Le Mans and Moto GP championship races, Dunlop Car Tyres have indeed earned fame over the last 130 years.

Mark of brilliance!

Dunlop racing tyres have gained massive popularity in the UK households especially with their patented Hydro paddle technology that boosts performance and guarantees safety on the tracks. Dunlop Car Tyres are also known for their acoustic brilliance that negates road noises. They incorporate special active traction technology that establishes unique ways to grip and augment road traction.

At Gilgal Tyre, we ensure that our customers can choose their Dunlop tyres according to their requirement. We have a vast stock for you to choose from; whether you want high-performance tyres or something for the daily commute, you will find it at our showroom. Visit us in Manchester today!

Safety first!

Through a complex restructuring of the Silicarbon matrix, Dunlop tyres aid drivers all across the UK to tackle even the widest of temperatures. Traction Web technology provides enhanced stability in wet climate while Dunlop’s Self-Supporting technology aids vehicles to run even on flat tyres for 50 miles, albeit at reduced speeds.

Dunlop tyres help drivers improve their handling by simplifying the road to tyre chemistry with long-term uniformity. Gilgal Tyre specialists recommend Dunlop tyres mainly because of their max flange Shield tech that aids drivers in taking sharp turns, thus preventing accidental curb damage. Book the perfectly fitting Dunlop Tyres Online and secure your journeys

Pure driving pleasure, Delivered!

Enjoy your engine roar by installing specially manufactured Direzza tyres that amalgamate performance with superb stability. It is sporty and highly recommended by the Gilgal Tyre family. Choose Dunlop Signature tyres if you are looking for comfort, sleek design and direct handling. Pay a visit to your nearest showroom in Manchester and experience pure driving pleasure; bliss guaranteed!